Our front office team's know-how is based on many years of experience in the metals industry. We are also able to serve our clients in 5 languages: English, Mandarin, German, Polish and French. 

Executive Directors

Nick Fellowes 

Managing Director

Paul Bromley

Finance Director

Edward Corcos

Head of Legal & Compliance

Jack Davis 

Head of LME Trading Aluminium Trader

Client Liaison

John Bungey

Senior Client Liaison

Options & Averaging

Calum Silvester

FX Trader/Warrants

Andy Leyton

Senior Client Liaison

Martin Dulake

Precious Metals Trader

Marta Michalska

Senior Client Liaison & Marketing

Shan Islam

Ferrous Trader

Joyce Qiao

Account Executive

LME Floor Trading

Nick Bass

Deputy Head of LME Trading

Zinc Trader

Stuart Lawson

Senior Client Liaison

Ben Greaves

Nickel Trader

James Haines

Client Liaison

Nick Bryant

Copper/Tin Trader

Ryan Jackson

Lead Trader

Steve Smith

Client Liaison

Shanghai Representative Office

Lois Zhang

Chief Representative

Ethan Song

Client Liaison

Singapore Office

Jolynn Chew


William Zhang

Client Liaison

Key Others

George Steel

Head of Technology and Product Development

Tom Mulqueen

Head of Research

Important Information 

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